Hungary Hatoslotto

The Hatoslotto is a very good choice for players looking for an online lottery with a rich, well-respected history. The big jackpots and straightforward play is enjoyed by people all over the world and if you haven’t yet, try it out today.

Hungary Hatoslotto History

Hungary holds claim of having brought lottery games to their country as early as 1763.    Over the years, the game has changed quite a bit over the years but lotteries have always been a tradition in the country and with the addition of the Hatoslotto in 1988.  The Hungarian Lottery organization has been making new millionaires for hundreds of years and that is still the same today.

How it Works

Players choosing the Hungary Hatoslotto will need to choose or have randomly selected six numbers from a one ot forty five number matrix.  The lottery draws are held on Sundays making for one great week if you win.  With win odds as good as one to fifty seven it pays to play the Hatoslotto. 

How to Win

If you are lucky enough to select all six winning numbers you will have already won the main jackpot.  Some od the draws have toppled the scales over 10 million euros so there is big money at stake.  There are other prize categories and many ways to win depending on number combinations and the secondary prizes are very attractive too.

You can play the Hatoslotto today online right from the comfort of your own home or on your mobile device so there is nothing stopping you.

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