Hungary Otoslotto

Hungary’s oldest lotto is available online and the jackpots are turning some heads. Since the 18th century, Hungary has used the 5/90 lottery format and it is still awarding lucky winners with huge cash prizes today.

Hungary Otoslotto History

Lotteries were introduced to Europe in the 15th century and Hungary holds one of the longest running lottery traditions beginning in 1763.  Then, the lotteries were held in Buda and Bratislava, but now people from all over the world can participate in Hungary’s primary lottery online.

The first Hungary Otoslotto was held in 1957 and has been making new millionaires throughout the country for almost 6 decades.

How it Works

The modern Otoslotto is a classic 5/90 format.  That means players choose five numbers from a number filed of one to ninety.  Every Saturday, five balls are drawn from a drum.  There are secondary prize categories as well so the action is hard to beat.

How to Win

Winners of the Otoslotto Jackpot will need to match all five winning numbers.  There are prizes for guessing three and four number combinations too.

Many of the proceeds from the Hungary Otoslotto go to fund charitable organizations in various fields throughout the country.

It is easier than ever to buy you online tickets to the Hungary Otoslotto.  Simply login to your account on your PC or from your mobile device, choose your numbers and check out the results.

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