Ireland Lotto

The Ireland Lotto is one of the leading European national lottery games. This Irish national lottery boasts huge prizes, great winning odds and the luck of the Irish at your back while you play.

Ireland Lotto History

Since 1988 the original lottery in Ireland was established by the National Irish Lottery organization.  Since its establishment, the Ireland Lotto has undergone many changes in its 24 years of practice.  These changes were instilled in order to improve the lotteries winning odds and drastically improve the jackpot size.

The Ireland Lotto has had a number of huge wins since it was created and most notably in 2008 when a group of 16 concrete workers split the monstrous jackpot worth €18,963,441.  The largest single winner was in 2010 when a lucky winner took home over €16,700,000

It’s not only millionaires that are made by the Ireland lotto and they have also distributed over €3.5 billion for worthy charitable causes throughout the country.

How it Works

Anyone can play the Ireland lotto online.  Simply select six lucky numbers from one to forty-five and a bonus number.  During the draw the six numbers are called followed by the bonus number.  The bonus number does not count towards the main jackpot but is essential for secondary prizes and the Ireland Lotto’s six prize categories.
Winners of the main jackpot need to have selected all six winning numbers.  To be eligible for a secondary prize in one of the six prize categories players need to have matched 3, 4 or 5 numbers, with the bonus number coming into play in the event of a tie.  All the prizes in Ireland Lotto are completely tax-free and payable in lump sums alone.  This is a very attractive reason to play the Ireland Lotto.

Irish Winners Tales

One of the most notable tales of the luck of the Irish came in 2010 when Mark Furlong from Waterford County took home an amazing €2.8 million jackpot.  Mr. Furlong later told the public that his prize was all due to an Irish fortune teller who nine years prior, gave Mark his lucky numbers.  Ever since that day, Mark used the six numbers she gave him until March 2010 when he realized just how lucky his numbers were.

Anyone can participate in the Ireland Lotto, all you need is an internet connection, a computer or mobile device.  Simply login to your account and play your lucky numbers for a chance to win the coveted Irish Jackpot and take that trip you’ve always wanted to through Dublin and the rest of the country.

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