Italy SiVinceTutto

Italy’s SiVinceTutto lottery, is one of the newest and most thrilling monthly lotteries. SiVinceTutto, which literally means “Win it All” is a favorite lottery among millions of fans who regularly choose their lucky numbers to win the lucrative jackpots.

Italy SiVince Tutto History

In 2011, the SiVince Tutto joined the long list of Italian lotteries overseen by SISAL, the Italian lotteries authority.  SiVince joins the tremendously popular SuperEnalotto and SuperEnalotto Super Star lotteries which millions of players play each week.  Because of the fact this lottery is a monthly event, usually held on the last Wednesday of every month, the SiVince Tutto has some huge jackpots and secondary prizes as well.  Since its inception in 2011, the largest jackpot was won at €24 million, making it one of the biggest pots ever to be won in Italy.  The jackpots are big but amazingly it is the secondary prizes that many players adore.  If the jackpot is not claimed it creates much larger secondary funds for those winners.

How it Works

The SiVince Lottery runs on the classic 6/90 system.  Players will choose six numbers from a range of one to ninety by selecting naturally, by random selection automatically or by using the systematic form creating every combination of sets of eight or nine numbers greatly improving your chances of winning.

How to Win

Since there are five separate prize divisions there are many ways to win.  The jackpot is won by matching all six of the winning numbers flat out.  In the event that the jackpot is not won, the pot is divided among the four secondary prize divisions, making this lottery very unique and attractive.  40% is distributed to second prize, and third, fourth and fifth prizes get between 3.36% and 32.38% of the total jackpot.

The SiVince Tutto can be yours online today and with prizes as good as these ones, you should make it a monthly tradition.

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