Italy SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto is one of the pioneering and most well-respected lotteries in Italy. The jackpot is always impressive and players from all over the globe play in the SuperEnalotto online with each and every draw.

SuperEnalotto History

In one form or another, the Enalotto has been active since the 1950’s.  It wasn’t until 1996 that new branding was made by the Italian Lottery Company in charge of the Lotto called SISAL changed the name to the SuperEnalotto and changed some of the rules in order to increase the jackpot size and make the game a lot more fun.  The man behind the new branding is the son of one of the founders of SISAL Mr. Rodolfo Molo whose goal was to make the game easy-to-play and guarantee huge jackpots.  After two years of designing and planning, the SuperEnalotto was drawn in December 1997.

In 2010, the record jackpot of €177,800,000 was won making the SuperEnalotto one of the most sought and played lotteries in Europe.

How to Play

The SuperEnalotto is fairly straightforward.  Players opting to play the game will need to choose six numbers from one to ninety.  There is also a bonus number that is automatically chosen for players but is only relevant for secondary prizes.   Winning the SuperEnalotto requires players to match all six of the numbers regardless of the bonus ball.  Italy is however one of the only countries in Europe that charges tax on cash wins.  Cash prizes over €2,500 carry a hefty 20% tax-rate but cash prizes under that amount drop substantially.  If players want to, there is the option of selecting a systematic form of number selection which creates every possible combination of 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers which drastically improves your chances to win.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot does not have a prize cap and it is common for jackpots to be more than tens of millions of euros.  The SuperEnalotto minimum prize starts at €1.3 million, and grows a lot with the rollovers.  It was in 2010 when the SuperEnalotto broke the record the longest rollover when for 9 months, a full pregnancy, and after that the jackpot record was set at €177 million.

You too, can play the amazing SuperEnalotto Italian lottery online.  Just login, pick your lucky numbers or have the quick picks system pick for you and wait till your numbers are called

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