New Jersey Pick Six

“Give Your Dreams a Chance” is the motto of the New Jersey Pick Six lottery. This popular lottery from the Garden State boasts incredible jackpots in a classic 6/49 format.

Pick Six History

Since May 1980, the New Jersey Pick Six was released to millions of eager lottery players in a successful attempt to help fund educational programs in NJ. Over the years the Pick Six has awarded millions in prize money including the largest jackpot ever won through the Pick Six, a whopping $48.9 million won by a couple.

How it Works

The classic 6/49 format is the style of choice for the NJ Pick Six lottery.  Online, players will need to select six numbers from one to forty-nine using natural selection or the random number generator on the five line entry form.

The Lottery rolls every Monday and Thursday at 8:00pm EST.

How to Win

The Pick Six lottery encompasses four prize categories.  The jackpot is won by lucky players guessing all six of the winning numbers. $2 million, is the minimum jackpot but with absolutely no rollover cap the sky is the limit.

There is a 25% state tax withheld on all wins over $5,000 and people from outside the US will pay 30% tax on everything over $600.  There is also a 3% tax that falls on winners over $10,000.

The New Jersey Pick Six gives a large percentage of its proceeds to charities state-wide and over the years, billions have been earmarked for these causes.

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