U.S. Powerball

There are not many lotteries as well-known as the US Powerball lottery.

The US version holds the second place record for all time jackpots with $588 million.  It is so popular that there are versions of this US classic in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

US Powerball History

The Multi-State Lottery Association founded the first US Powerball in 1988.  At that time it was known as “Lotto America” and over the years has become a symbol of the ultimate US lottery experience due to its massive jackpots.  It wasn’t until 1992 that the name was changed to Powerball and under that name the draw has taken place in the same way since then.

Powerball lottery tickets could only be sold in states that the other popular US lottery Mega Millions was not being sold.  This was soon changed and now the modern Powerball game can be played in 44 states.  Each state involved uses proceeds from the lottery to fund government projects for education and community efforts.

Upon its 20th anniversary in 2012, the Powerball guess range was dropped from 39 to 35 numbers which made it easier for players to win jackpots and secondary prizes.  Today the starting jackpot is an amazing $40 million.

How it Works

Players choosing to play the famed US Powerball online will need to choose five numbers from a range of one to fifty-nine as well as a Powerball number from a range of one to thirty-five.  The Powerball number is drawn from a separate drum and is essential for jackpot wins and secondary prizes.

How to Win

If you have matched all five numbers and the lucky Powerball number you could be on the way to becoming the newest Powerball millionaire.  In addition to the Jackpot, this lottery has an additional eight prize categories.  The Powerball is also used to win the third, fifth, seventh, eighth and ninth categories.

Powerball wins are taxed by 36% and if the lump sum is chosen than about 50% goes to taxes.

American Powerball has record jackpots galore including amounts like $588 million won in 2012, $365 million in 2006, $340 million won in 2002, and a prize of $314 million in 2007.

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