Viking Lotto

The Viking Lotto is simply one of the most exciting Nordic traditions. It was the first European multi-national lottery games that encompasses eight different countries and still offers some of the most attractive winning odds and jackpots.

Viking Lotto History

In 1993, the first Viking Lotto was held in Norsk Tipping, Norway. When it first began, there were only five countries involved – Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.  It wasn’t for a few years that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia got on board a\to connect the northern countries in Europe in a single lottery games.

The biggest pot ever won until today with the Viking Lotto was a € 15 Million jackpot in 2010.

How it Works

The Viking Lotto runs on the classic 1/48 guess range.  Simply login to your account and choose six numbers from one to forty-eight.  On the draw days, two bonus balls are selected, referred to as Lucky Numbers but are only used for secondary prizes.  Pick your own numbers or have them randomly chosen for you. There is also the option of using a systematic form giving players all the number combinations of eight, nine, or ten numbers.

Draws are every Wednesday.

How to Win

The winning odds with the Viking Lotto are an incredible 1:54.  To win the jackpot players must match all six winning numbers but there are a number of secondary prizes available too.  Match the bonus ball with five, four, or three numbers to be eligible to win.

On average, the Viking Lottery jackpot is won between € 480,000 and €2.4 million.  If jackpots are not won the amount is added to the next draw.

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