Europe EuroMillions Results

Play your hand at Europe’s largest jackpot and wait to see the results! You could find yourself walking away with millions.

EuroMillions has biweekly draws on Tuesdays and Fridays.


With a record jackpot of €190 million, you’d be sorry not to try your hand at EuroMillions. Jackpots are some of the highest in the world and if you play your numbers right, the winner could be you. The minimum jackpot is €15 million, not a small sum indeed!


To win the EuroMillions jackpot, all five main numbers and the two Lucky Star numbers must match your numbers. There are various prizes for other combinations, such as Match 5 and 1 Star, Match 3 and 2 Stars, etc. View the tables to see the individual prizes per ticket.


If a winner is not drawn from the number combinations, then the jackpot will rollover to the next draw. The jackpot continues to roll over until it reaches the Jackpot Cap of €190 million. The jackpot will remain at the Cap for a total of two draws. At the second draw, if there is no winner, then the jackpot will be divided among the players in the next winning prize tier.

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