Germany Lotto Results

The Germany Lotto is a tradition across Europe and is proven to be one of the luckiest draws in the world.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, millions of people that have bought their tickets for the bi-weekly draw receive one of the most exciting lottery draws in the World.


Germany Lotto’s record jackpot was won in 2007 for a stunning, €43 million.  Prize money regularly tops the €10 million mark making this a dream win for millions of players from around the world.


Check your numbers here after the draw to see if you’ve won one of nine prize categories with odds as good as 1:64.


Starting at €1 million, the jackpot can reach astronomic proportions because un-claimed prize money rolls over to the next draw with no limit. The jackpot is won at an average of €5.24 million and all prizes are tax-free.

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