Italy SuperStar Results

There are not many lotteries as popular as the famed Italy SuperStar. There are more prize categories in this special lotto than most and the winning odds for ticket holders is amazing.


The SuperStar Lottery continues to break jackpot records.   History has been made with a €71,767,565 won in 2005, €100,756,197 won in  2008, €147,807,299 won in 2009, and the largest jackpot of €177,800,000 was won in 2010.


Thirteen prize categories, that’s right, thirteen prize categories.  There are a baker’s dozen ways to win and prizes are all lucrative.  Play your ticket and check out the winning prize table.


These astronomical jackpot records are not due to any rollover caps.  This draw rolls over until someone ins the jackpot.

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