U.S. Mega Millions Results

It is the lotto that people from all over the world share lottery dreams for. It has the world record jackpot win in 2012 for $656 million.

Mega Millions stands as America’s premier lotto draw and it can be yours today from your PC or mobile device.


Who doesn’t know about the record jackpots that the MegaMillions regularly distributes.  They are posted on the front page of newspapers worldwide.  The $656 million win from 2012 is only one of astronomical wins distributed by this grand lottery.


Check back with us right after the draw to see if you’ve won one of nine prize categories and count your lucky stars.


Rollovers are the name of the game and no lottery does it better that the US MegaMillions.  Obviously there is no cap and the huge jackpots are result of this.

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