U.S. Powerball Results

Few lotteries are as well-known and played as the US Powerball lottery. The name is the first thing that pops into lottery enthusiasts heads when thinking about record-breaking jackpots.

The top prize starts at $40 million and with a game as good as this you’d be foolish not to try your luck.


Where does one begin when talking about US Powerball jackpots.  Maybe in November 2012 when two ticket holders split the $588 million jackpot after 15 rollovers! Maybe in 2006 when a group of co-workers split  $365 million. There are more stories like these throughout the history of this draw so get in and choose your numbers today


Winning the jackpot can be tricky with odds set at 1:175,223,510 but luckily the US Powerball has an additional eight prize categories that have distributed billions of dollars in prize money.

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