Viking Lotto Results

The Vikings were known to have a deep love for gold and other precious metals. That love affair has been translated into a huge lottery with jackpots as big as €15 Million.

That could buy a lot of whatever you’d like and put a smile on any Viking in the world today.


The Biggest Viking Lotto winner was named in March 2010 to the tune of €15 Million.  This jackpot can’t wait to be beat so get your online tickets now.


To win the Viking jackpot, players must match all six lucky numbers.  Many combinations of numbers with the bonus number will award players with lucrative secondary prizes with winning odds beginning at 1:53.


This lottery game is unique and especially huge when not won.  Unclaimed prize money rolls-over to the next draw and with no jackpot cap the record first prize could get crushed very soon.

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