Buy Brazil Dupla Sena Ticket

Brazil’s Dupla Sena is a unique lottery game operated by Loteria Brasil.

Players have two chances to win with every ticket purchased.  The jackpot is a lucrative pot and has created dozens of millionaires since its establishment.

How to Play

This is a six number out of fifty with secondary prizes going to players guessing four or five numbers.  The jackpot rolls over until a grand prize winner is paid so you can easily see a few million in the pot every draw.  Each ticket applies to both draws that take place which doubles your chances of winning and if you want, rather than choosing six numbers, players can opt in to a system where you wager on all combinations of eight, nine, ten or eleven numbers greatly increasing your chances to win.

How Can You Play

You can purchase your lottery tickets online right now so get into one of Brazil’s biggest jackpots today.

Player Options

The Dupla Sena has a three line form that players can fill out with lucky numbers or let our random number selected choose for you.

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