Buy Brazil Mega-Sena Ticket

The Brazilian Mega Sena lottery draw is the primary lottery in Brazil.

The jackpots featured at the Mega Sena are not only the biggest in Brazil but in all of South America with the jackpot reaching as high as $32 million.

Who Can Play

If you are not in Brazil and want to play this and other Brazil lotteries don’t fret.  All you need is an internet connection and you can purchase your tickets online today.

How to Play

To play Mega Sena, you need to pick 6 numbers ranging up to 60. All of the single digit numbers have a 0 before them because the draw pulls only two digits at a time.  There are two draw cages when the lottery airs and the numbers are chosen from alternate cages.  In the event of two double zero’s chosen they count as sixty.  Three types of prizes are available with the Mega Sena but each one is a huge cash prize.  If you pick four or five of the numbers chosen you’ll be a winner while all six numbers makes you a jackpot winner.  Buy your online tickets today to the Mega Sena and you might win the millions regularly up for grabs.

Player Options

The Mega Sena offer a two line form to fill in.

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