Buy California SuperLotto Plus Ticket

The California Super Lotto gives players a chance to win millions of dollars in cash prizes in a Mega Millions-style lottery game.

The minimum jackpot is set at seven million dollars but as the jackpot rolls over the jackpot is usually over ten million dollars.  The largest and most lucrative payout ever in the Super Lotto was $72 million awarded to a single person.

How it is Played

The California Super Lotto is a forty seven number lotto with players having to select five numbers and a bonus number from one to twenty-seven.  Choose your own lucky numbers or choose the quick pick option but either way you can play wherever an internet connection is available.  The lotto is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday and there are prizes for players matching three, four or five.  If you don’t play you can’t win so get online today and try your luck with the Californian Super Lotto.

Where Can You Play

Players can play the SuperLotto Plus and other US lotteries from anywhere an internet connection i found.  Use your computer or mobile device to buy your online lottery tickets now.

Player Options

The SuperLotto Plus allows players to choose their lucky numbers on a five line form available online.

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