Buy Europe EuroJackpot Ticket

The EuroJackpot is a relatively new European lottery, created to compete with the Euromillions jackpot. Tickets can get you a jackpot of anywhere between €10million all the way up to €90million regularly.

This lotto accepts players from Denmark, Italy, Estonia, Germany, and more; you can play too when you buy your online tickets today. The draw attracts around fifty million players per week.

How it Works

All that is needed is to pick five numbers from one to fifty and an additional two digits from one to eight.  With the minimum jackpot set at €10million the lottery is one of the biggest in Europe and there are eleven sub prizes as well.  Payouts occur once in every thirty-five tickets so there is many chances to win but you need to play.  Get on your computer or mobile device today and play the EuroJackpot today.

Player Options

EuroJackpot offers three ways to play.  Players can fill out a three, four, or five line form for their chance to win.


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