Buy Florida Lotto Ticket

The Florida Lotto is a fantastic lottery draw which was only available only to residents in the state of Florida.

You can now participate in the Florida lottery draws online and pick your lucky numbers now.  The base jackpot is set at $2 million but it rolls over until a jackpot winner is crowned.

Who Can Play

You don’t need to be in Florida or even the US to play this terrific lotto.  Simply login to your online account and you’ll be ready to play the Florida Lotto.

How its Played

The Florida Lotto is a 6/53 number lotto without any bonus numbers so if you match six you’ve won the jackpot.  Five numbers will get you a set prize of $5,000 with smaller cash prizes for four matching numbers too.  The largest jackpot was awarded in 1990 when six players split a monster $100 million jackpot.  The largest single jackpot was in the year 2000 where one lucky person took home $80 million.  The Florida Lotto donates millions of dollars every year to Education and since it was founded, the Florida Lotto has donated over $23 billion to this charitable cause.

Player Options

There is either a five line or ten line form players can fill out to win.

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