Buy Germany Lotto Ticket

The Germany Lotto began in the mid-70s and has been making people millionaires for decades.

The largest payout was made in 2007 when one lucky player took home an unbelievable €43 million prize.  That same prize was the record for the entire country at the time but if you buy your online lottery ticket today you could break the record.

How to Play

To play the German lotto, you must select two sets of lucky numbers.  The first set is the traditional 6/49 style and the second is a Super Number from one to ten.  The last number is chosen to help in event of a tie.  The minimum jackpot for the Germany lottery is just €1 million with €2 million added each time the jackpot is not won.  There are plenty of roll overs because of the amount of numbers needed to win so the jackpot is usually in the tens of millions.

Where to Play

You can play anywhere you want to, simply get on a computer or mobile device and login to you online account.

Player Options

Increase your odds of winning by playing different number combinations! The Germany Lotto offers six options of play. Either fill in six or twelve lines or choose 8-11 numbers that can be played in every combination.

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