Buy Hungary Hatoslotto Ticket

The Hatoslotto Hungarian Lotto is the largest lotto in Hungary every Sunday.

Players have some of the best chances to win huge lotto prizes by selecting six lucky numbers. Hatoslotto offers some of the best winning odds on the continent.

Who Can Play

Anyone can play this and other European Lotteries online today.

How it Works

Players choose six out of forty-five lucky numbers and can win millions in prize money.  The fact that there are only forty-five numbers to choose from makes the odds of winning in your favor and even if you are not in Hungary you can still play and pick your lucky numbers online.  The Hatoslotto is a pioneering Hungarian lottery which is played by thousands of players every week.  It may not be as big as the European lotteries in the world but it is favored by Hungarians because of the excellent winning odds and long list of winners to date.  If you want to play the Hatoslotto online simply login to your account, pick your numbers and watch the draw.  Who knows maybe the Hungarian lotto will be your lucky lotto.

Player Options

Increase your odds of winning by playing different number combinations! Hatoslotto offers six options of play. Either fill in five or eight or choose 8-11 numbers that can be played in every combination.

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