Buy New Jersey Pick Six Ticket

The New Jersey Pick Six Lottery is one of the favorite lottery games in the Garden State.

 ”Give your Dreams a Chance” is the motto that players of this classic lotto are asked to remember and with winning odds and jackpots as big as the Pick Six, it won’t be easy to forget.

Who can Buy

Anyone can play the New Jersey Pick Six lottery game online wherever you have internet access. Play from your PC or your mobile device but don’t miss out on New Jersey’s favorite lotto.

How to Buy

Simply login to your online account and find New Jersey Pick Six.  purchase your tickets using one of the transaction methods available and you’re on your way.

How it Works

The New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto game is played twice a week in New Jersey on Monday and Thursday.  The Jackpot for the Pick-6 starts at $2 million and goes up by at least $200,000 per rollover until a 6-6 winner is drawn.  You’ll need to pick 6 out of 49 numbers and it is a straightforward, no bonus number lotto.  To win anything with the Pick-6 you’ll need to match at least 4 numbers.  

Player Options

Increase your odds of winning by playing different number combinations! Pick Six let’s you fill in five lines to make you a winner.

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