Buy U.S. Mega Millions Ticket

There is simply no replacement for the US Mega Millions Jackpot.

It’s a record holder for the largest jackpot in the world.  This US lottery is world-renowned for its huge roll-overs, massive payouts and exiting draws.  The jackpots at this lottery are the size of Texas and regularly reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Who Can Play

You don’t need to live in the states to play the fabulous MegaMillions.  Just login to your online account, pick your numbers and you’ll be entered to win.

How it Works

Simply choose 5 numbers and the extra Mega ball number for your chance to win the absolute biggest cash prizes of any lottery out there.  Best thing is, you don’t have to leave your house to play your lucky numbers.  Play with your home computer or your mobile device and you could be on the road to millions with the US Mega Millions Jackpot.  There is no other lottery as big as the US Mega Millions and you have a front row seat to all the action with an online lottery ticket.

Player Options

Players can fill out the fie line form and the extra Multiplier option that could quadruple your payday.


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