Buy Viking Lotto Ticket

The Viking Lotto is the world’s first multi-national lottery which you can play online right from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

The prizes are all tax-free and there are up to five prizes available each draw.  Players from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia can all take part in this lottery draw at stores across the countries but with its availability online today there is nothing stopping anyone from getting in on the action.  The Viking Lotto was established in 1993 and with numerous nations involved the jackpots regularly reach many millions of euros.

How it Works

Players choose six numbers out of 48 and a bonus number too.  Match 5 numbers and you’re still a winner.  There is a 1:53 chance that you will win a prize with the Viking so get online and pick your lucky numbers now.

Player Options

The Viking offers an incredible five ways to better your winning chances.  Either fill in five or ten lines or maximize your bet with eight, nine, or ten numbers covering all possible combinations.

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