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Australia – Wednesday Lotto Results

The frequence of the Aussie Wednesday Lotto is all in its name. Every Wednesday million of players flock to try their luck with this weekly gem.

Australia Oz Lotto Results

Try your luck with one of Australia’s most popular lotteries and check out your results here! Keep track of all the numbers from the latest Oz lotto or older lottos.

Australia Powerball Lotto Results

Powerball draws are synonymous with some of the biggest jackpots in the world and their are versions of the game from the US to Europe and many other countries around the world.

Australia Saturday Lotto Results

There is no better way to celebrate the weekend than winning the Australia Saturday Lotto.

Austria Lotto Results

With a population at around 8.4 million people the Austrian lottery has amazingly produced enough prizes to have awarded each resident a winner 50 times! When you play this lottery you’ll be p;laying with some of the best winning odds in Europe.

Brazil Dupla Sena Results

There is a general consensus in the world that two is a lot better than one. So therefore two draws are definitely better than a single one. That’s exactly what this unique Brazilian draw entails.

Brazil Mega-Sena Results

Brazil’s Mega Sena boasts the largest lottery jackpots with its unique two-drum structure.

Brazil Quina Results

The Brazil Quina lottery is another reason that South Americans flock to play this six day a week lottery. Six days a week is the highest draw rate of any South American lottery, get your tickets today or any day other than Sunday for your chance to win.

California SuperLotto Plus Results

Californian Lottery Super Lotto Plus has distributed some of the biggest jackpots in US history and reach huge amounts regularly. With terrific winning odds, this bi-weekly lotto could be your ticket to your Malibu Beach House.

Canada Lotto 649 Results

The Canadian classic national lottery draw is the 649. This is Canada’s most popular lottery and is responsible for some of the biggest cash prizes in North America.

Europe EuroJackpot Results

The twelve days of Christmas happen every Friday with the EuroJackpot twelve prize categories. This European lottery has an amazing winning rate and can be yours today.

Europe EuroMillions Results

Play your hand at Europe’s largest jackpot and wait to see the results! You could find yourself walking away with millions.

Florida Lotto Results

The Florida Lottery has produced some of the largest lottery prizes in the US.

France Loto Results

Perhaps no country in the world has a longer or richer history with National lotteries and with such a wealth of experience you should not miss out on the France Loto.

Germany Lotto Results

The Germany Lotto is a tradition across Europe and is proven to be one of the luckiest draws in the world.

Hungary Hatoslotto Results

Hungarian lottery games go back all the way to 1763 with the countries first games being held in Bratislava before Slovakia achieved independence in 1918.

Hungary Otoslotto Results

The Otoslotto 5/90 lottery format was played in what was then Hungary in 1763.

Ireland Lotto Results

The Irish Lottery is an exciting draw and with some of the best odds and great secondary prizes, you should try the luck of the Irish every Wednesday and Saturday.

Italy SiVinceTutto Results

The SiVinceTutto is an Italian staple that has given away millions in prize money. With the trickle down jackpot in play winning a secondary prize could be the best thing yet.

Italy SuperEnalotto Results

When it comes to mega lotteries, there are not many as rewarding as the Italian SuerEnalotto. The game is drawn three times each week, and the prize pool is always one of the biggest jackpots in Europe. Get your online tickets now.

Italy SuperStar Results

There are not many lotteries as popular as the famed Italy SuperStar. There are more prize categories in this special lotto than most and the winning odds for ticket holders is amazing.

New Jersey Pick Six Results

1980 was a leap year, Jimmy Carter was President and the first New Jersey Pick Six lottery was held.

New York Lotto Results

Empire State draws are some of the most popular lotteries in the world. With a record draw of $65 million jackpot in 2007, the action is as good as the Big Apple itself. Play every Wednesday and Saturday for your chance to win.

New York Sweet Million Lotto Results

The Sweet Million Lotto offers players the best odds at winning $1 million. Try New York’s favorite $1 million lottery and see what the Empire State can do for you.

New Zealand – Powerball Results

Powerball lottery games are some of the most loved by lotto enthusiasts all over the world. The New Zealand Powerball is a direct off-shoot of the famous US version.

Ontario Ontario 49 Results

Ontario 49 Lotto is a bi-weekly draws with some of the most spectacular winning odds in North America! You can get Ontario 49 Lotto tickets online for the next draw for a chance to win a fixed $1 million jackpot and a number of fantastic secondary prizes!

Oregon Megabucks Results

If you’re looking for some of the most competitive odds of any other US State lottery than look no further than the Oregon Megabucks lottery.

Poland Lotto Results

For half a century the Poland Lotto has been a beloved and well-respected European national lottery. The Poland Lotto can be yours online, and with huge record jackpots you’d better get your picks in check.

Romania Lotto 6/49 Results

The Romania Lotto 6/49 is a great choice for a timeless classic game. You can play now and try your luck with this classic bi-weekly draw.

Russia Gosloto 6/45 Results

The Gosloto family of Russian lotteries each have remarkable prizes to be won and this is the same for the classic 6/45 version. Play your numbers right and you could be o the road to being a millionaire!

Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results

This is one of the most unique lotto games in the world. The Goslotto 7/49′s draw format makes each game have some of the best winning odds and makes for exciting draws.

South Africa Lotto Results

The South Africa Lotto is one of the luckiest draws in South Africa and distributes many prizes at each draw. The lottery’s amazing winning odds, offering a one in 57 chance of winning make this lotto one your should have your sights on.

South Africa Powerball Results

Powerball games are popping up all over the globe because they are simply that much for. Join the South Africa version and see if this bi-weekly draw will get you smiling.

Spain BonoLoto Results

An incredible four draws per week give BonoLoto players some of the best odds of any European lottery. Try this game now online and you could be the next millionaire.

Spain El Gordo Results

By far one of the most classic and beloved lotteries in the world, the El Gordo could be your tickets to riches. This Spanish lottery has an incredibly high winning rate and players from all over the world continue to play the El Gordo Lottery online.

Spain La Primitiva Results

Spain is exciting, it’s a first-choice stop for many travelers looking for a thrilling vacation.

Sweden Lotto Results

The Swedish Lotto is one of the most unique lotteries in the world. At each draw players have double the chances to win because the draw happens twice from two separate drums.

Turkey Lotto 6/49 Results

The Turkish version of 6/49 is a spin in the right direction as they maintain an exciting lottery with many ways to become a winner. You can buy your tickets for this Turkish tradition now.

Turkey Super Lotto 6/54 Results

The Turkish Super Lotto 6/54 might not have super strength, it makes up for that with super prizes and remarkable winning odds. This massive draw can be yours now online or on your mobile device.

U.K. EuroMillions UK Results

There are not many lotteries in the world that are as well-respected and as popular as the EuroMillions series of out-of-this-world jackpots.

U.K. National Lottery Results

More millionaires are made through the UK National Lottery Lotto than any other British lottery thanks to the special rollover limit that awards secondary prize winners a major cut of the prize if not won after four games.

U.K. Thunderball Results

Powerball style are of the most popular draws in the world and in the UK version only the name has changed. UK Thunderball’s amazing winning odds for this terrific lottery are some of the best in Europe so get your ticket in now.

U.S. Mega Millions Results

It is the lotto that people from all over the world share lottery dreams for. It has the world record jackpot win in 2012 for $656 million.

U.S. Powerball Results

Few lotteries are as well-known and played as the US Powerball lottery. The name is the first thing that pops into lottery enthusiasts heads when thinking about record-breaking jackpots.

Viking Lotto Results

The Vikings were known to have a deep love for gold and other precious metals. That love affair has been translated into a huge lottery with jackpots as big as €15 Million.

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